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    Boxing lock of the week

    Ok so my tip about a fixed soccer game wasnt completely correct. Some people made money out of it but others lost. To make it up I'll post boxing locks in this section of the forum.

    Devon Alexander-Marcos Maidana

    Make bet on Devon Alexander to win @ -200 or higher.

    Alexander is a counterpuncher with good movement while Maidana is a slow pressure fighter with a bad defense.

    Alexander is being underrated because he hasn't looked good in his last couple of fights but thats cause his opponents werent pressure fighters, anytime he fought a pressure fighter he looked very good.

    Maidana on the other hand is very overrated since his victory over Ortiz but if you watch his last 4-5 fights you wil realise he is nothing more than a one dimensional brawler.

    Conclusion is that Maidana is tailor made for Alexander.

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    I agree. Maidana will have to catch him early to win.
    175 pts

    SBR TRIVIA WINNER 04/14/2014

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    I really doubt Maidana stops him.

    He couldnt finish Amir Khan when Khan was badly hurt. Maidana doesnt know how to deal with movement.