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    ttwarrior is probably the best ghost on SBR

    no way a grown man is this much of a loser. Honestly if I had the life he has I would be ashamed to even tell people

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    I was convinced he was trolling everyone until he posted all his pictures

    It's almost unreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttwarrior1 View Post
    old news, i already won
    Maybe you won the battle but probably not the war?

    If you were really the best poker player over there, then why wouldn't you just keep quiet and reap the rewards week after week? Kind of like a Blackjack AP making a big scene at a casino he kills them at.

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    sorry i dont suck up to people

    People on the tables always asking questions with no answers.

    I was taught if you don't know the answers to ask, so i made threads and posts asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttwarrior1 View Post
    Your a non pro here on sbr so your a loser too, probaly a ghost and gay also
    attn mods

    please explain how this goes on without a suspension after walker created the thread telling us to criticize a post but dont insult the poster.

    i'll tell you how....because tt is an sbr endorsed ghost

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