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    DailyJoust Super Bowl 46 Contest (winner gets a shot at $10,000)

    DailyJoust Super Bowl 46 Contest

    All contestants must have a DailyJoust account.

    • Winner gets a seat in the $10,000 "Super Joust" tourney in April.

    • Single entry tournament, no entry fee required.*

    *Players must have two or more DailyJoust badges to enter. Players earn badges at Daily Joust for numerous activities such as making a deposit, playing in free and cash entry tournaments, uploading an avatar etc.

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    uploaded an avatar for one badge just now
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    Thanks DJ and SBR

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    Quote Originally Posted by OMGRandyJackson View Post
    What is the "Super Joust" contest in April?
    Here is the info on our April "Super Joust" Tournament:

    The winner of our December Super Joust won over $10,000 and 2 tickets to the Super Bowl. You can win multiple entries into the tournament, so the winner ended up taking home much more than the $3k 1st prize.

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    only for Americans ?

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    I'm in.

    Cup 2nd place


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    got crushed in every way this super bowl, at least i'm mature enough not to go big on it anymore.