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    shawn white gets a 100

    i know most people don't care, but his snowboarding run was amazing. this guy wins EVERY year at halfpipe snowboarding, and this year his run was perfect. i have to agree with the judges, i saw no flaws. Good job!!

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    The crazy thing about it, is that he goes out there and just looks 10 times better than any other guy.

    It's kind of sad how there is no one (maybe ipod) who can even try to challenge him.

    He needs to turn to slopestyle to try and get a challenge...He's dominated the competition the last few years, he has tricks that no one else can do, he's scored 100, he has nothing left to prove on the half pipe.

    Go practice the slopestyle and try dominating that.

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    Is that the redheaded kid?

    Nobody deserves perfect score though

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    is he that rocky kid from "mask"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PackerBacker View Post
    I saw two minor flaws that the judges missed. Watch closely
    His hair and his pants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjt721 View Post
    His hair and his pants?

    He's got a style, and that's why people recognize him?

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    No one is going to beat Shaun using his tricks. These kids are going to have to come up with thier own tricks and pull them off.