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    Hi Drama in EPL - Bburn/Manu

    2-0 Bburn

    Man U answers immediately! 2-1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_of_Spades View Post
    Hoping Rovers win or draw.
    Nice lines on those for sure.

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    The Yak has been insane.

    Who had the +2900??

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    You would have thought that Fergie would have learnt his lesson about fielding weakened teams after what happened against Crystal Palace and Basel this year !

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    In the last week English football has increased the diameter of bettors' collective anuses by about a foot.

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    they were only missing rooney, otherwise they had a full strength squad.

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    The blacks on Blackburn know how to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DHB View Post
    they were only missing rooney, otherwise they had a full strength squad.
    They were missing a lot more players than just Rooney. Ferdinand, Vidic,Smalling meaning Carrick had to play centre back and they had no natrual centre midfielders, all wide players. Anderson was used as a sub but nowhere near match fitness. United need to invest in a top class centre midfielder in January because they are very short on that front!

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    the old fart manure coach keeps underestimating his opponent. that guy is so arrogant

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    the goalkeeper needs to be shot

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    De Gea is awful. He goes to ground, the other guy gets punched and still is on his feet and scores.

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    ManU got what deserved

    Simply for me a deserving result as Manchester United looked awful right from the previous match with Wigan (Even if the result was 5-0 they won only because Wigan played in 10).
    The team lacks of exception players and some if they don't a good day are simply common players without any attribute that would say why the are playing for ManU.