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    UFC 142 Belfort vs Johnson?

    I don't know why but for some reason I think Johnson will win this one, what do you guys think?

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    Yeah i think Johnson is gonna win cause he is younger and hungry and hes got speed and striking power. has Belfort as a favorite but I guess its because hes got more experience and its Johnson's first time fighting at Middleweight but he might end up being a good dog.

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    johnson might be going up from welterweight to middleweight but i actually think he might be the bigger fighter come fight night.

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    if johnson can wrestle vitor for three rounds, he's got a shot. he might even KO belfort too, though i think belfort has more power in his punches.

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    I was quite disappointed with how Johnson presented himself in the weigh in. Coming 12 pounds overweight that limit is simply unacceptable and uncalled for at that.

    It was actually surprising that Belfort still took the fight with such handicap, though you do not come so close to doing something only to go out of decision right at the last minute. The Etim - Barboza fight was magical though.

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    Well, i guess Belfort won because of his experience. The only way Johnson is able to win is by knowcking people out with head kicks. But a fighter like Belfort has enough experience to avoid getting head kicked. FOr one moment I thought JOhnson had a chance againts Belfort but that was a god win for Belfort. Much respect to Belfort.