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    FREE $250 NFL Sunday Contest at DailyJoust

    FREE $250 NFL Sunday Contest at DailyJoust

    Must create a DailyJoust account.

    1. $50 Bonus Bucks
    2. $35 Bonus Bucks
    3. $30 Bonus Bucks
    4. $25 Bonus Bucks
    5. $20 Bonus Bucks
    6-7. $15 Bonus Bucks
    8-10. $10 Bonus Bucks
    11-16. $5 Bonus Bucks

    How does it work: Select your NFL team at the above positions within the confines of a $1M salary cap. The scoring breakdown can be found on the contest homepage.


    Bonus Bucks can be used to enroll in other contests where real-money prizes can be won. These bonus bucks equate to freeplays.

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    very very very good site. it is fun and they pay fast and they have college basketball.

    liquidity is the only problem. probably the best score keeping software in the business and it seem to ever break like the rest of the sites.

    i got about 4 payouts from there and all the same day they were requested respectively, most in 2 hours or less.

    also you can make your team Before you join a contest.
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    Would like to see Joust and Draftstreet back in the SBR Store.

    Would like to see $25 options for all 3 of the Fantasy sites.

    SBR POKER TOURNEY1st Place 3/26/2014

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    daily joust has a lot/cbb cfb nhl nfl plenty of bowl contests/2 dollar bets/pay quickley/just this/does anyone believe belickik his 2 coordinators plus brady wont have a superior game plan for tebow and on it/gl all

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    if dailyjoust made an sbr account they should respond in this thread.

    hopefully at least lou addresses the questions.

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    just checked/free contest not listed on daily joust site as yet

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    The contest is already up. Click the link in the first post, create your account and enroll in contest.
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    just wondering glitch/with all those awards you got why do you have only 1sbr pt. at present

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    SBR POKER TOURNEY4th Place 4/8/2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by agendaman View Post
    just wondering glitch/with all those awards you got why do you have only 1sbr pt. at present
    my points are scattered around this site. i have over 1000 between pending and available. also ive cashed a lot of points in over time.

    also my points fluxuate a great deal (even sometimes into the negatives) because i made a decision to stop betting the volume of ill-advised action plays for real money and do them for points instead. i still have funded real money accounts but can bet slower and smarter there because i bet a lot here.

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    Are all the entrants in this contest from SBR?

    SBR Founder Join Date: 8/25/2005

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    also- this site has player research and game logs built into the software so you can look up each player and their past performances right there on the spot.

    i signed up and won my first few days just doing meticulous research right there on the site and picking players with the best strategies.

    i was even coming on here and challenging people to make a better team than me for betpoints because i was so confident in the work i put into it. basically its more of a skill game than any of the other sites in my opinion.

    dont work for the site but i have used it and had a very good experience so far. i was very very surprised at the relatively low volume (to quality).

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    Quote Originally Posted by moses millsap View Post
    Are all the entrants in this contest from SBR?
    No, it's a public freeroll that SBR members are welcomed to hop in.

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    i guess i can play then. Thanks dailyjoust.

    has anyone ever got a 280 or higher on draftstreet? i did on college fb at the last week of the season.

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    Glitch have you played at fan duel and draft street too? Gonna join one for NBA season and not sure which is the best. Never even heard of this one till now, thought it was just fan duel and draft street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zsr View Post
    Glitch have you played at fan duel and draft street too? Gonna join one for NBA season and not sure which is the best. Never even heard of this one till now, thought it was just fan duel and draft street.
    yeah ive tried all 3 and i like all 3 but they are all very different. just note- these are Daily fantasy tournaments so they are just based on scores for a short-term basis. (just that night or just that weekend)

    I feel like fishhead when he use to always try to increase liquidity on matchbook but that is really the one thing i wish was different about this site- more action:

    dailyjoust would be my favorite if they just had more participants in all sports every night. best software for scoring/team selection, most freedom in game creation (even free games), research tools built into where you pick your teams, fast courteous fair staff, sports some of these other sites dont have like college basketball, easy and quick deposits/withdrawals and most importantly for many sbr people- they have accomplishment badges. heh.

    Also it can be a matter of opinion for what you like best. for example- their college basketball games are scored by only points scored. to me- this decreases the fluke factor exponentially. cant get burned by some a-hole grabbing 15 rebounds and having 5 steals on the other team. you look at what makes scoring happen and you pick a team based on guys you think will score and use the tools right there to do-so.

    some people will prefer fanduel where there are many many categories for scoring this sport. football is graded pretty normally. If you prefer to take the edge Away from skilled players and want to rely more on luck, i would try draftstreet because they have a lot of roster spots and its harder to predict what will happen.

    i like dailyjoust because unlike on other sites- i get a feeling as soon as my team is made of whether or not im going to dominate- without even having seen the other team. this feeling is right about 75 percent of the time for me when i think i will.

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    whats with that 5:00 timer that says "spot reserved" or something like that lol. i figured not to risk it so i picked me team in under 5 minutes

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    Nice, thanks for another freebie! Signed up. Why do I always end up with all Bengals on my teams, though? Ugh, gonna be awesome finishing in last, again.

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    Prizes were awarded to:

    1 - freshlesh - 142.52 - 50.00 BB
    2 - Sweet Qeese - 136.44 - 35.00 BB
    3 - omegaplayboy - 131.04 - 30.00 BB
    4 - Carseller4 - 126.52 - 25.00 BB
    5 - mitchvil - 125.08 - 20.00 BB
    6 - slinky - 124.72 - 15.00 BB
    7 - RyanBeingManny - 123.18 - 15.00 BB
    8 - Destroyers - 121.96 - 10.00 BB
    9 - rdz5008 - 119.36 - 10.00 BB
    10 - ATOPS - 118.76 - 10.00 BB
    11 - ct2478 - 118.46 - 5.00 BB
    12 - theblur - 117.42 - 5.00 BB
    13 - BreaknBad - 116.76 - 5.00 BB
    14 - BuffaloWings - 115.84 - 5.00 BB
    15 - baby girl - 115.66 - 5.00 BB
    16 - Jamesbrookz24 - 115.16 - 5.00 BB

    4th place!

    Thanks SBR and Daily Joust!!!

    SBR POKER TOURNEY1st Place 3/26/2014