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    Educate me In Golf If you Watch

    How long does a Round last? Once someone went already, is that the end of the Round?

    I have a bet on Greg Bourdy ML vs LEvet. If levet is at -3 and Bourdy is still at -2, I have lost correct?

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    yeah, you lost Pal...

    1 round a day...

    Usually 4 rounds per tournament...

    Do you have round or tournament??

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    there will be 2 scores displayed usually- tournament score and just that round's score

    each round is a full 18 holes. if you bet tournament then it would be the sum of each round's score and if you bet just for the round then whoever has a Lower score is the winner for that round

    (-3 is better than -2 but you have to know where they started the day as far as tournament score to discern whos winning the round by the tournament score alone.)

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    I dont think Bourdy has putted yet, he and Levet was both -2 and levet just jumped in front.

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    true degen. betting on a sport you know absolutely nothing about

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    Hey, if you don't learn, where do you start?
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    would learn about it before i bet it

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    Nope you won. Bourdy completed the day's play in 73 shots, it took Levet 75. A round of golf is 18 holes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeVICK View Post
    true degen. betting on a sport you know absolutely nothing about
    ...quang is the asian patty least when patty bets shit, like russian soccer, he knows when a price is good and it doesnt matter who is playing

    come on poker or something instead of flipping coins

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuangX View Post
    Hey, if you don't learn, where do you start?

    if you know nothing about it you start with a pen and a piece of paper and right the bet down and see how it goes. have a clue before you put money on it.

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    In golf, you often can bet one player vs. another for one round (18 holes) OR for the entire tournament. Make sure you know which you bet before you rip up your ticket.