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    Tiger Woods/Stricker just got beat 7 and 6 in his first round match!

    Tiger and Stricker played horrendously, but Scott actually played great and I dont think that anyone was beating them today
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    I could barely stand to watch's one thing for the US woods/stricker to lose but a whole different story to go down like this...ouch...

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    4 under in 12 holes in alt shot format is insane

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    neither US guy played well. KJ and Scott were making bombs.

    see, also: toms/mahan and simpson/watson.

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    yea tiger came in third in one obscure event, he is back!

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    he is done

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    Put this square at the feet of Freddy "Boom Boom" Couples who put Tiger on the team - giving him a spot he clearly had not earned on merit.