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    SBR Moneyline Madness contest: 1500pts

    SBR Moneyline Madness contest: 1500pts

    Contest runs from Nov 2nd Nov 30th

    All contestants must pay a 3 SBR point entry fee to participate. Prizes are in the form of SBR Sportsbook freeplays (freeplays tutorial).

    1st. 500pt FP
    2nd. 350pt FP
    3rd. 200pt FP
    4th. 150pt FP
    5th. 125pt FP
    6th. 75pt FP
    7th. 50pt FP
    8th. 25pt FP
    9th. 25pt FP
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    Why not. What do I have to lose? Its only 3 points.
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    Sounds good.. last months was a blast!

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