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    kidkongolf owning the FREE 55'' TV contest, awesome prizes! JOIN NOW!

    What are you guys waiting for? The BetIslands sponsored football handicapping contest is100% FREE to join. Check out the awesome prizes!!

    Grand Prizes
    1st place. 55'' LG LED TV
    2nd place. Bose Acoustimass 10-piece
    3rd place. Tiger Direct Laptop (choice under $651)
    4th place. Apple iPad 2
    5th place. PS3
    6th place. $100 Best Buy gift card
    7th place. $50 Amazon Gift card

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbeSSt View Post
    isn't it a tad to late to enter if the minimum picks is 50 and the contest ends in less then 2 weeks?
    Not if we consider the fact that College Football has 9,321 games per week.

    All someone has to do is go on a hot streak

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    great work so far kidkong!

    donation 1/13/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY3rd Place 4/20/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY10th Place 4/19/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY1st Place 4/8/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY3rd Place 4/9/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY2nd Place 4/20/2014

         310 pts


    SBR POKER TOURNEY5th Place 4/21/2014

    donation 1/10/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY11th Place 4/23/2014

    Cup Last place

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    He's been pretty impressive-----I'm hoping he falls back to the pack some---I've got my eyes set on that TV.

    1 win among the top 10 can move you up considerably, this contest has been lots of fun.

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    I was sitting solid in 5th then got greedy last weekend trying to catch kid.

    All the way back to 15th now. I need a new big screen so bad but one bad week did me in.

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    idk how to cap that many games without a blind tail here n there. whoever gets lucky these next 2 weeks is the winner.

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    It ain't over till the fat lady sings so, BOL to you all. I'm going to still fire my picks because I know this small lead is not safe! It would be sweet to have that 55" LG for my office at the golf course!

    Thanks SBR, this contest has been very competitive...lots of fun so far!

    PS...Those Mountaineers SUCK!!!

    SBR POKER TOURNEY12th Place 4/21/2014