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    Soccer Question.

    What does a soccer handicap line of pk,-.5 mean? Do I lose this bet if the match draws? How does this differ from a -.5 line?

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    PK does not lose on draw, it pushes
    -.5 loses on draw
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    Its half your wager on PK and half on -0.5. It means if its a draw, you lose half your wager and push half of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RubberKettle View Post
    PK does not lose on draw, it pushes -.5 loses on draw
    Misread, gee is right

    pk, -.5 splits your bet into two parts
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    when you bet 2 lines in one bet it's like 50% on one line and 50% on the other

    you need to know first what is pk (pick) and what is -.5

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    Thanks, for the help guys. My next question is tougher. How do I determine what a .5 goal is worth?
    Sometimes I see different soccer handicap lines on games. One book will have pk and another book
    will have pk,+.5. I need to figure out what a .5 goal is worth. I have been using the projected total
    as a base. Let's say the total is listed at 2.5,3 -110. I divide 5.5 by 2 and get 2.75 total goals for the match.
    Next, I multiple 2.75 goals by .5 and get 1.38. I multiply the moneyline by 1.38. Let's say the moneyline is +110.
    I get 151.80. Using the odds converter, I find the win percentage -151.80 equals 60.28% and +110 equals 47.62%.
    I subtract 60.28 from 47.62 to get 12.66%. Since it increases the win percentage by 12.66%, this is what the
    .5 goal is worth. It is worth 12.66% of the line. Does this make sense or am I way off base?

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    This is referred to as "asian handicap"

    Just fyi