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    Costa Rica blackjack.....I figured it out...(I think)*Sharps??

    Using this thing I figured out.......I used Mug as test dummy and he won $1,000 at the Del Ray in 30 minutes.
    In costa rica....the dealer gets 1 up card DOES NOT draw his "down card" until all action at the table is done.

    Here's what I figured out.....

    Dealer shows a "10"

    You have a STAY. Why? Because if you draw a 7 or higher you bust. WHATS IT MATTER? Let the dealer try and bust. Because even if you get the cards 2,3,4,5,6.....then the dealer has to redraw and has a great chance of busting.

    The ONLY time you hit (when your cards are 12+) is if the biggest card you can get would make the dealer 17 or higher.

    Dealer: 8
    You: 15
    *****You STAY. Why? Because if you get a 2,3,4,5,6 you would make a better hand....but let the dealer take it and bust. If you get a 10 and bust you would have lost anyways....LET THE DEALER BUST

    Dealer: 10
    You: 14
    ******You HIT: Why? A 7 would make the dealers hand, so you have to hit because a 7 would make you also

    Dealer: 8
    You: 12
    *****You HIT: That 9 would make either hand

    Dealer 9
    You: 13
    **** You hit

    Dealer 10
    You: 15
    *****You STAY. The dealer will ave to draw TWICE.......because......if the dealer draws a 7 or higher he wins with no second draw.......but whats its matter you would have busted?? Let the dealer do the work.

    PLease dont come in here flamming and whatever, just would like some opinions here as it worked unreal last light

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    All blackjack is the same. Numbers have been crunched. Charts have been made.

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    I think you guys are missing the point here....

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    you sure you were playing blackjack? "blackjack" in costa rica is usually called rummy. slightly different rules. you can find blackjack in every casino, but rummy is way more popular, and the majority of the tables will be rummy

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    here he goes again =)

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    Always utilize the standard rules of black jack. Its nice to get lucky once in awhile, but eventually it will catch up to you. I've played the Del Ray game for years and years. You get 15 and the dealer is showing an 8, u better hit. Same goes for 15 with the dealer showing a 10. The game at the Ray is 17. anything over 21 or under 17 is a loser to the house. Biggie is also correct, they play crummy rummy in Costa Rica and the Ray. Anyway, good luck iwinyourmoney you'll need it.

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    Sharpest play was going into the horseshoe and playing the match play double payout coupon once for the max. ($25)
    Square play was going in drunk as shit off scotch, paying for the hot bartender to play blackjack with me and losing at blackjack.

    I did both. That's why I am a "very sharp square".
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    you're also assuming you are also playing 3rd base

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    Of your examples, they all agree with basic strategy except staying on 15 against 10/8.

    The dealer only drawing one card should not change your strategy at all. Staying on 15/16 against 10 lowers your odds, and there is no reason why having a card drawn later from the shoe would change the odds here.

    The only thing I can think of it changing would be pushing blackjack against blackjack - in fact any dealer blackjack would come "late", changing how things are handled. I assume you don't get paid on player blackjack on the frontline because of this change.

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    I want to believe in this system but its a hard sell. Will have to see it in action to believe it.

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    You should quit your job and move there with that kind of info

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    Quote Originally Posted by squaresquared View Post
    I want to believe in this system but its a hard sell. Will have to see it in action to believe it.
    I saw it in action......or should I say IWIN in action. All I can say is we did have a blast!