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    Vancouver Getting Owned

    We have a series folks!!!
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    SBR TRIVIA WINNER 04/10/2014

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    Welcome to Boston. Hope you enjoyed your stay.
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    SBR TRIVIA WINNER 04/10/2014

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    lol @ any1 w/ $$$ on VAN last 2 gm's in BOS ..

    .. the play never ever changes ,,
    canucks series ml = dead $$$ !

    new canada no match 4 original six ..
    illuminati machine is the boss of us all !

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    Thomas is tougher than any of the Canuck players. Sad.

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    Boston truly made my Nucks their bitch the last two games. Outscored them 12-1 unreal. They are playing exactly the style of hockey that you need to, to beat the Nucks. Hats off to you c-suckers

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    they look horrific, i was sitting pretty to win around 850 profit on vanc from bets pre season and b4 i had to bet boston to win series at plus 185..i don't think vanc can win again let alone 2 out of 3..if vanc loses game will be a 500 bet for me to win game 6

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    How many times do you see a starting goalie getting pulled so much in playoffs...geez

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    Vigneault blew it when he left Luongo in for the full game the other day. Now the bruins are possibly in his head.

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    Vancouver is def in trouble right now after the beating they just took in Boston!!!!!

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    canucks were brutal in beantown..... but it does prove the old hockey adage

    your not in trouble in a series till you lose on home ice.....

    well its really game on now

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    Sedin Sisters have not shown up. That hit has turned the series around!

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    the hit was irrelevant. What do you guys thinks happens? Ohh the guy was hit in game 3 and all the players, on both benches, just simply come to the conclusion that this series is over? LOL The "hit" has done zip, zero, zilch and nothing to effect the finals.

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    wow its crazy man I didnt think boston would get to Vancouver thins easy!

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    This was predicted to go 6-7 games anyway. Hate to say it but Vanc will regroup at home and Luongo will step up like Thomas has. Boston still has to win one in BC and I don't see it happening. Vanc in 7.

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