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    US soccer

    us soccer team play good ball.But u can't take nothing away from Canadians. They just need more

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    We don't play good ball. Far from it. I rly wish we did but we have a long way to go still

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    US has a decent team. Canada is complete and utter crap, those guys can't get anything right except hockey up there.

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    Ugh... Just hate that kind of play. The team's good and they were superior, why then just be happy with 1 goal and slow down the game? They eventually got the second one but it wasn't like they were really trying to during that part of the game, it came to be exciting after Canada started pushing a little more, but it was too late by then...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_of_Spades View Post
    They played really well vs Spain
    that was a friendly game (damn unfriendly spanish players )

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    Spain is the best team in the world. They have a midfield that doesn't let you see the ball. If you go and try to play an open game (as you usually do in friendlies), you run the risk of being beheaded. Let's not forget that it was the US that ended their 33 games unbeaten run

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    US played 2nd string vs Spain. Spain could do that to any teams 2nd string on any day of the week. Spain is unbelievably good at passing and finishing shots on goal. Spain has players that don't even get to play on their team because of how stacked their country is with talent, but those players not getting to play would start for most countries. I am from the USA, but if I want to watch a beautiful soccer game I watch the Spanish. Barcelona is the perfect team and a large part of that is all of the Spanish players on it. If David Silva played on Barcelona they would never lose a game lol

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    Good result yesterday...hopefully we take home the Gold Cup and get another chance in the Confed Cup.

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    Cbus 2-1 -3.00 late goals are robbing me blind this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportstrader88 View Post
    mexico look the team to beat in the gold cup
    Yeah, they'll have to beat the drugs first!

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    Gonna check out the US against Panama tonight in Tampa.

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    The US team is going through a transition period like they did a few years ago. The "established" guys like Donovan, Dempsey, etc. are getting longer in the tooth, and some of the new/younger guys are starting to try and make the squad. Altidore is still in his early 20's but can't find 1st team football anywhere, and he and Freddie Adu are more hype than substance. Also, Tim Howard is getting older and will probably be serviceable through the next World Cup, but they need to start looking to find his replacement. Juan Agudelo is the new kid on the block, at at 18 he's the next chosen one for Team USA

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    I'm sorry, but the OP is flat out wrong. Team USA will win this game 2-0 in 90 minutes. To even say something such as "being carried by an aging Donovan" is a lack of knowledge.
    Clint Dempsey is our star, and has been.

    Bet against the Yanks tomorrow and you will lose money.

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    US league MLS is also of extremely high risk to bet on!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawan View Post
    US league MLS is also of extremely high risk to bet on!!!
    yea i never won once, played seven times. i gave up. too random. too many draws can't figure it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by face View Post
    yea i never won once, played seven times. i gave up. too random. too many draws can't figure it out
    yep mls ist a very hard league to figure out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by polskboy View Post
    yep mls ist a very hard league to figure out.
    Not really. Teams like to draw, bingo!

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    It's embarrassing watching us play against good teams. We play a 'kick and run' style that reminds me of grade school. It was awful when we had McBride. As good as he was we would just try to launch it 50 yards to his head every time.

    Then you have the Donovan era and he either disappears for the game or he tries to run as fast as he can past the defense until he falls down. We don't understand the game like many other countries do and it doesn't seem like we ever will.
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