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    ipl cricket

    massive play for all to enjoy

    bangladore v Rajasthan

    im on rajasthan $300

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_of_Spades View Post
    To hard to pick in this league.
    mate iam telling you shane warne will get the win tonight

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    [quote=Ace_of_Spades;9684575]Warne still playing. Will Lizz be attending?[/quotei hope not i want shane's attention on takeing wickets

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    Good Luck!!! Hope you hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGDAY View Post
    Good Luck!!! Hope you hit.
    mate get on its good value this is a winner trust me

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    rain delay but match will start i have a contact at the ground covers are off and play will start shortly

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    This season with the introduction of two new teams it has become quite tough on whom you are going to bet.There are more than half of the international players that are shifted to another club.
    I think that KKR has a better chance as he has the lights of players like kallis,gauti,lee and morgan.

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