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    American Idol - German version look at our girls

    these are 3 girls from the german version of american idol,you have to love german beer and girls, in that order

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    Isnt the last one from the office?

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    Only one with significance to me is the broad on the bottom. Others I wouldn't look twice at.

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    I thought they had to have blonde hair and blue eyes to be a true Aryan, I mean German.

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    The White Brunette is gorgeous! The Black and other girl not so much.

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    To each his own,,but to me they are all beautiful..

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    Nice I will not watch AI this year in protest of Pia

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtkid911 View Post
    Isnt the last one from the office?
    its not her, but it looks exactly like her. rashida jones

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    put the american idol girls in bikinis and they'd look the same...

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    of course not , even the gemans dont want to sing them in german, to be fair i have to say the 1st girl is from switzerland

    here you can see her sing :

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    Do they sing in German when they perform?

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    all three are lookers, but the last one is damn hot.

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    see the video i have linked

    Quote Originally Posted by louisvillekid View Post
    all three are lookers, but the last one is damn hot.