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    Casino High Rollers of the Week. 03/21 03/27

    Congratulations to our Casino High Rollers of the Week , they won playing the following games:

    Hope that you're all enjoying the gaming experience and we'll have more Casino Contests to make it even better...

    Who'll be our high rollers next week? Make sure to log in to the SBRCasino and be a part of the Action.

    Be Cool.

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    18K wow he is either lucky or he is using something to beat the casino.

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    Very lucky, my points have fluctuated at one point down 5-6k points then going on and etc. Trick is once I am up a certain amount, I stop for a while usually

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    Ban this fukin guy from the casino already. No wonder prices are going up in the store.
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    Amazingly this guy went pro yesterday.

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    Guy wins 18k I win 2 hands outta 14 makes sense. Seriously wtf is up with the casino it's seriously gotta be like 70+ house edge.

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