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    DAYTONA 500 odds!!

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    means nothing 2 months ahead of time, but to a NASCAR junkie like me, it still puts a big smile on my face

    thanks 4 the heads up Trident!
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    Can get all the Fords on offer for a combined +284

    Brad Keselowski +1200
    Carl Edwards +1500
    Greg Biffle +1500
    Joey Logano +2500
    Marcos Ambrose +5000

    Might be wrong, but think there is a good chance a Penske/Roush combo there, pushing each other more than helping each other, might see them jump out to an early lead with the new cars.

    Hendrick don't really have another Chevy team to push them hard or probably help them very much.

    Cup 3rd place

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    yeah and if theres a GWC again, be whoever is behind ya!

    pick several, get a good price, and cross ur fingers

    not to mention we will all be behind the 8-ball starting this season with new cars...not at plate races, but overall

    heard a great interview with Dr. punch last week i made a post about too in the off-season thread u should read
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