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    Aus vs India cricket, 2nd test

    Australia total runs first innings under 348.5

    Does this seem decent?, they are currently on 3/116

    India got 191 all out.

    Any cricket heads on the board, I'm just casually following it as there is nothing else on tv

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    i think it is a little too far fetched mate...another 230 odd runs to get... 1 or 2 quick wickets and you are looking at 250 to 275 or even less than that... at the end of the day its ur call...

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    I normally play it pretty safe, i have bet on Aussies winning the series and the second test not to be a draw...

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    4/659 declared
    If your gonna lose a bet it doesn't hurt so much when you lose it in style!

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    Yeah I think there were afew Ozzie records broken lol