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    MLB Excel Question...

    I am trying to automatically populate the L10 of teams into a spreadsheet for both Total Games, Home and Away and cannot find it on the net...I have been scouring baseball reference with little luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction to capture the info from into excel?


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    I'd start by pulling in data from day 1 of the season, day by day, and creating a db from the start. from there, pull in data each day and append to the YTD db

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    Thanks EXHoosier,

    I was hoping to not populate yet another DB. I was able to find a team vs team grid on espn now just have to figure out the correct way to query it for both teams vs each other.

    Will probably have to populate my own DB for for the Home vs Away L10 tho..

    Appreciate the help

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    if you have the entire season, you can countif when a team is at home and another column when away. then countif W & Away & game# < max(away) - 10 or so.

    that'd be the way i'd do it. Assuming you're ever going to use the db to backtest, might as well collect info now and have for later

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    Hey Hoosier......thanks for the help..definitely getting along with my ideas have an idea of where I can find a daily schedule table that includes probables? Everything I'm finding is including either 3 days or 7 days and throwing off my vlookup for the main interface page.


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    Sucks that has L10 on their standings, but it pulls in data using js rather than having each day on a separate page.

    if you want to copy each day of the season and paste into excel, you could.

    No Idea where you could find H/A L10 though. I don't think I've ever seen those anywhere (and it's my guess that they're less meaningful than a full season of H/A record, which I would imagine are already probably pretty meaningless)

  7. #7 even has their schedule so I can't differentiate between the table for today's games and tomorrow's games without importing the entire page into excel. That would have been the easiest since they have a good format and show probables on the same table.

    I think I have moved past trying to find H/A L10, thats going to have to be a computation in the DB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfr3sh View Post
    You win. While I'll still have to use FG, this should be very useful. Thanks, rfr

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfr3sh View Post

    Thank you, will definitely try to incorporate this.

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