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    Largest athletic budgets in college sports

    according to US Dept of Education, Title 9 reporting requirements, as of 6/31/07. You have to look up each school individually and get the info but this is the best order I could determine:


    1.Ohio State----------$109,000,000
    2.U of Florida--------$108,000,000
    3.U of Texas----------$105,000,000
    4.U of Tennessee------$ 95,000,000
    5.U of Michigan-------$ 89,000,000
    6.U of Wisconsin------$ 83,000,000
    7.U of Alabama--------$ 81,946,000
    8.Auburn University---$ 81,697,000
    9.L.S.U.---------------$ 76,499,000
    10.Penn State---------$ 76,327,000
    11.U of Georgia-------$ 75,937,000
    12. U of Nebraska-----$ 71,000,000
    13.U. of Oklahoma-----$ 69,431,000
    14.Texas A&M----------$ 69,413,000 Link to US Dept of Ed.

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    That's crazy that both Alabama and Auburn are in the top ten. Every other school in the top ten is the clear cut first choice school in a substantially larger state. The state of Alabama sure loves their college sports apparently...

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