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    Sports Money Profit System

    Anybody checked out this system advertised on SBR live odds page?

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    I have. They run ok with minimum losses. Not a bad system

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    What's the system? If it's a chase, it will eventually go broke...

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    No it ain't a chase. Never could get the low down on it but it hits for a ok profit most of the time. Very rare if it loses for a week.

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    I have played their plays yes. Played it for like 4 months and it was ok. Their big plays that they say to play with are usually 4 units, they hit a bunch. If they ever show over 4 units then I suggest fire big on it cause I ain't seem them miss yet.

    Most plays r 1-3 units. More 2 unit plays than anything

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    Any info on how they're doing now? Was thinking about signing up but still not sure. See a lot of their ads on SBR, sorry to revive a dead thread.