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  1. Obama will burn more than 35,000 gal. of fuel on Earth Day, emitting 375 TONS of CO2
  2. GOP Trying to Win Women's Vote with "Boats and Hoes PAC" LOL LOL LOL
  3. Chelsea Clinton announce she is pregnant. ...
  4. POLL: Who is more crooked? The U.S. Government OR Your average Sportsbook?
  5. The REAL REASON behind the "Bundy ranch" standoff: Harry Reid solar farm..
  6. GMOs linked to gluten disorders plaguing 18 million Americans
  7. ANOTHER woman in charge of the ACA?
  8. 97% of scientists FINALLY PROVIDE REAL PICTURE PROOF of global warming !!
  9. Hillary Clinton Cancels Appearance Where Benghazi Victim's Mom, Protestors Await
  10. Favorite NY Post cover
  11. Kudos to the Repubs
  12. Report: Obama To Attend Dem Fundraiser In Texas Same Day As Fort Hood Memorial
  13. IRS agents’ testimony: NO progressive groups were targeted by IRS
  14. Obama "wreckonomics" @ work ?? 16 major retail chains closing stores across America
  15. President Obama 5th best president in US histoty
  16. Seriously? ANOTHER hearing on Bridgegate?
  17. Rule against Liberalism
  18. Liberals now accusing Rep's of murder for not handing out healthcare
  19. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !! Record breaking April snowstorm set to dump 16 inches
  20. Weekly House Resolutions 4.2
  21. Obama celebrates and parties after the latest Fort Hood shooting...
  22. Seriously? ANOTHER hearing on Benghazie?
  23. ANOTHER Obama K.O.D. ( Kiss Of Death )
  24. Frack the GOP/Libertarians/Tea Party...my eyes have been opened!
  25. Looks like the Democrats are already starting with the voter fraud...
  26. Liberal Cali Senator for gun control, arrested for illegal arms trade!
  27. Full text of Putin’s speech on Crimea
  28. Bill Maher Trips Up Guests with 'Racist' Paul Ryan Quote. Except Michelle Obama Said
  29. To keep my political friends updated, here are the weekly House Resolutions
  30. Nothing says class like Michelle Obama
  31. WH announces the March 31 Obamacare deadline is now extended, why not...
  32. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Record Cold, Biting Winds to Sweep East...
  33. Black children in preschool are suspended more than counterparts...surprised?
  34. Jay Carney's White House Briefings are Scripted with Questions Submitted in Advance
  35. Follow the Obama K.O.D. ( kiss of death ) March Mushness bracket here....2014 version
  36. **BREAKING NEWS** President Obama about to announce tough new sanctions on Russia...
  37. North Dakota Is Proving That The Energy Industry Is How To Fix The Economy
  38. ObamaCare premiums to skyrocket
  39. Scientific Proof God and The Bible Stories are False.
  40. Report: Premiums rising faster than eight years before Obamacare COMBINED
  41. 8 Things Liberals Do to Avoid Having an Honest Debate
  42. Silver
  43. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!!!!! Philly Marks Second Snowiest Winter On Record
  44. It's Monday. When is Obama/Kerry going to drop the hammer like they said?
  45. Obama’s Former Foreign Policy Adviser Said In 1997 U.S. Has to Control Ukraine
  46. If Crimea vote not to secede will Russia back off?
  47. Why did the stock market sell off today?
  48. Weekly House Resolutions
  49. Free market lols
  50. SEIU gets busted and fined for illegal use of funds to rig outcome
  51. The NSA Is Using Facebook to Hack Into Your Computer
  52. First major 2014 House race goes to the Reps in Florida last night...
  53. Obama - Zach Galifinakis Interview AWESOME & HILLARIOUS!
  54. Now we know who Obamacare benefactors have been....INMATES!
  55. Would love to hear Obama's update on this little nugget he missed the boat on....
  56. obama the jackass spells respect wrong when speaking about Aretha Franklin!!
  57. Proposed House bills for this week (nothing again of importance)
  58. Sabine Royalty Trust
  59. Obama continues to show why he is not qualified to be President.
  60. US-funded group in Ukraine had snipers killing both police and protestors
  61. CIA Accused Of Spying On Senate Intelligence Committee Staffers
  62. Obama wreckonomics kills another USA institution: RadioShack Closing 1,100 stores ?
  63. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Nawlins Endures One of the Coldest Mardi Gras Ever
  64. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !! Major Snowstorm Heads to DC, Philly, Richmond
  65. Neil de Grasse Tyson Tweets:
  66. Hillary's "Blood Clot" back in the news..... WOW...she may have been faking it.....
  67. Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Schools CNN's Erin Burnett on Economics and Government.
  68. This article puts to rest forever: The 9/11 attacks were because of Clinton failures
  69. Putin tells Susan Rice to stick it in her panties
  70. can this photo be more symbolic?
  71. Obama, a communist- raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured, subhuman mongrel?
  72. Austin, Texas Police arrest innocent women jogger.
  73. Why is lame stream media ignoring the violence in Venezuela, focused on Syria/Ukraine
  74. Obama K.O.D. ( kiss of death ) ... Olympic version BET THE HOUSE ON TEAMS CANADA
  75. School celebrates black history month with fried chicken, cornbread, watermelon lunch
  76. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Record Ice on Lake Superior May Mean a Cooler Summer
  77. New CBO report: min wage hike helps poverty but hurts jobs....
  78. Now we know why the media is screaming 'climate change' daily...
  79. Obama Plays Water-Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought
  80. Should all Americans receive free (tax payer funded) health care?
  81. Repubs post fake websites to get Dems to donate to them
  82. Cop killers up for parole again should be denied forever!
  83. Admitted war criminal John Kerry drinking the same global warming Koolaid as Dante1..
  84. HAPPY 5 year anniversary to STIMULUS signing
  85. Good guy with a gun kills Chicago thug with a gun acting like an animal
  86. Patients with pre-existing conditions could pay more under Obamacare...
  87. " Loud music " shooting verdict coming in. White guy shot rap music playing thug....
  88. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Obama pitches $1B climate change 'resilience fund'
  89. CONGRATS to WORKERS in the TENN Union defeat!!
  90. Obama not spending Valentines Day with Chewbacca
  91. Gold gang check in
  92. Obama raising min wage- what do you think?
  93. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin found GUILTY...
  94. Pause in global warming explained by science
  95. Michelle Obama proud of gay college football player
  96. Called the biggest conservative lie of all
  97. Iran has plans for Ben Gurion Airport and the USS Abraham Lincoln
  98. Texas grand Jury Declines to Indict Pot Grower Who Shot and Killed Cop
  99. Dem Congresswoman says lets just change the name of welfare...
  100. Alaskans Will Legalize Marijuana in August
  101. Bill Clinton Slept With Elizabeth Hurley in the White House?
  102. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! 4406 U.S. record cold temperatures in January...
  103. Obama "dream act" candidate faces deportation after killing 2 children in hit and run
  104. Bitcoin: Revolutionary Game-Changer Or Trojan Horse?
  105. Updates on Obama's 'awesome' foreign policy deals that were touted in the Fall
  106. P krugman on Obama Care aka ACA--Sharp Boxing take note please
  107. Labor union officials say Obama betrayed them in health-care rollout
  108. John Stewart just buried Nancy Pelosi on the Daily Show
  109. get ready for all the lies and deceit at the State of the Union speech
  110. State of the union address
  111. Will Hoboken Mayor now apologize to Chris Christie??
  112. Florida pol wants Obama hanged high
  113. The Opposite of What America Does.
  114. Shooting at Columbia, Md mall
  115. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! U.S braces itself for coldest month of the century
  116. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING ! Obama To Address GW In Coldest SOU Address In History
  117. Thoughts on Huckleberry's foot in mouth comments on womens libido?
  118. Obama: "This Is The Most Transparent Administration In History"
  119. TWISTER: The new anonymous version of Twitter!
  120. Liberal darling Wendy Davis officially done for in Tex Gov race now
  121. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Green Fade-Out Europe to Ditch Climate Protection
  122. Maria Conchita Alonso
  123. Rev Wright Gets It Right
  124. Today's Political Fun Fact
  125. Barbara Bush- a Very Wise Lady
  126. Democrats are actually paying tax dollars to advertise welfare to illegals
  127. Gold Bugs only. Did you know?
  128. Amazon warehouse workers vote REJECTS Union bid
  129. Who was England's greatest Prime Minister?
  130. Initial Obamacare 'demographics' released, the left media is silent on it of course
  131. Holy hell, is Palin a closet liberal?
  132. Must watch TV! Trends in the News by Gerald Celente.
  133. Obama Marriage Explodes!!!
  134. Why isn't the WV chemical spill story a bigger story?
  135. ATTN Poster Turd Ferg
  136. Thank You Tea Party.
  137. Trafficgate proves liberalism is a mental disorder
  138. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Earliest the ice has frozen in Great Lakes since 30s
  139. Rabbi Kaduri's prophecy will soon be put to the test.....
  140. Why the big fuss over the NJ traffic jam?
  141. 60-year market vet issues frightening prediction for 2014
  142. Group unveils plans for Satan statue at Okla. Capitol
  143. What is the LIBERAL ENDGAME?
  144. Can't make this shiite up about the crew of stranded ice vessel, classic irony
  145. How do so many idiots win elected office?
  146. Congrats America- Record Bull Market in 2013
  147. Global warming scientists forced to admit defeat... because of too much ice: Stranded
  148. How many times do unemployment checks need to be extended before it's not called mean
  149. Want a good 1 week stock trade?
  150. I am Officially politically retired............
  151. What took folks so long to figure this out?
  152. Trouble in Paradise? Literally as the President vacations there...
  153. More reason not to pay fast food/WalMart workers a higher salary...
  154. The Attack on the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST just never ends by the leftwing
  155. NSA Paid $10 Million to Encyption Comp. to use weak NIST standards they fiddled with
  156. US 'covered up' Saudis’ hand in 9/11
  157. New Study Says Cannabis Can Successfully Treat Epilepsy in Children
  158. Senator Harry Reid hospitalized, could he have done this under his beloved Obamacare?
  159. WWE Star Kane is a Libertarian!
  160. Guess what else is hidden in Obamacare?
  161. America’s greediest: The 2013 top ten
  162. NSA computer geniuses only making an average of $51k
  163. Obama Pisses Of Tech Executives by Turning NSA Discussion Into Healthcare.gov Pitch
  164. Edward Snowden:NSA surveillance is about power, not safety
  165. Seven ripoffs capitalists would like to keep out of the media
  166. An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: 'A Genius Among Geniuses'
  167. What do Monsanto and Coke have in common?
  168. Is it time to ban Fire Extinguishers?
  169. liberal taxes drops my income from 40k to 28k
  170. ‘US breached Geneva nuclear deal'
  171. Kerry might as well get on his knees and suck Loony [STRIKE]Ben [/STRIKE]Bin off
  172. Congress triples Obama aid to Israel
  173. Why do you suppose this mass shooting isn't the lead story in the lame stream media ?
  174. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Snow in Israel, 1st snow in Cairo in 100 years
  175. Politifact names obama liar of the year!!!!
  176. Poll: American Dream fading as income gap widens A homeless person sleeps at the entr
  177. US, genocide and ‘national interest’
  178. Israel’s Fischer picked to be next US Federal Reserve vice chair
  179. Obamacare which is socialized medicine will cause a lot of deaths.
  180. Ooooo, look at all these House job creating bills!
  181. Uraguay Is About To Be The First Country In The World To Legalize Marijuana
  182. US in economic collapse as China, Russia 'moving away from using dollar'
  183. Obama is a WOLF in sheep's clothing
  184. Obamacare vs. Katrina
  185. CBO report: the top 40% pay ALL of the income tax
  186. Invest in BRIC now!!!!!!!!!
  187. Why privacy?The power of mind over mind'
  188. Three ways the super-rich suck wealth out of the rest of us
  189. Wanna see country with full blown cancer?
  190. Obama faces backlash over new corporate powers in secret trade deal
  191. President Obama did not tell the whole story about a chemical attack near the Syrian
  192. Hey, If It Helps
  193. DR Pepper (Corporation) just showed how to save lives....
  194. 'Made in USA' labels appeal to holiday shoppers
  195. US government considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist until 2008
  196. Height of hypocrisy by the White House and 'green energy' backers
  197. Obama's "uncle Omar" the latest plausible deniability story for the Pres
  198. Damn that global warming!
  199. US aims to stay in Afghanistan for heroin business: Gordon Duff
  200. Global WARMING? Coldest temperatures in 40 years headed for western Montana
  201. American shot dead in benghazi while exercising
  202. Obama obviously doesn't own a cell phone!!
  203. Easy solution for u.s. To karzai/pull out and the hell with them
  204. Young invincibles spurn O-Care
  205. Martin "basher" Bashir resigns from MSNBC
  206. Israel prepares to commit new genocide’
  207. Caroline kennedy as ambassador to japan is an embarassment to the usa
  208. How US sequestration gets worse
  209. Obama: I Want to Host ESPN's 'SportsCenter' When I Retire
  210. US military buildup in Arctic irks Putin
  211. Top 10 ways US is the most corrupt country in the world
  212. Don't let nonwhite racists off the hook
  213. Presidential poll: Ronald Reagan's the greatest, Obama the worst
  214. Poof: Public says America's world leadership has tumbled to 40-year low
  215. BREAKING: MSNBC to air live gay sex acts from campus on air Thursday to boost ratings
  216. US House had 239 days off in 2013
  217. Obama’s absurd Afghanistan declarations
  218. Israeli lobby a ‘threat’ to Western politics
  219. America is the loneliest country in the world
  220. Most Americans don’t trust each other
  221. How America was completely brainwashed through 3 decades of brainwashing
  222. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Nearly 1000 Record Low Temperatures Set
  223. Bill Ayers reportedly claims to have written Obama's "Dreams of my Father"
  224. How many people will be trampled to death to save 50 dollars this year?
  225. The Gold rally starts today. Anyone know anything about buying coins?
  226. Im thankful that places of business are open today...THANK YOU CORPERATIONS !!
  227. Barrack Hussein Obama is the biggest Turkey in America
  228. Can Right and Left rally against Walmart?
  229. NOAA report released: 2013 was the SLOWEST hurricane season in 3 decades!
  230. Iran deal: Fear and trembling in Tel Aviv
  231. China to retaliate against US provocation
  232. John Kerry has admitted that no amount of sanctions would have stopped Iran’s nuclear
  233. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !! Storm Causes Major Thanksgiving Travel Mess Wednesday
  234. If you like your healthcare plan.....
  235. U.S. Sends Two B-52 Bombers Into Air Zone Claimed by China
  236. Obama Closing Vatican Embassy!!
  237. ‘Iran unfazed by sanctions, threats’
  238. BREAKING!!! Iran: White House Lying About Details of Nuke Deal
  239. Alec Baldwin has been fired by MSNBC over anti-gay slurs!!
  240. : NSA director offered resignation
  241. World tired of Israel war policy on Iran:
  242. Obamacare is a discriminatory law.
  243. Over $41bn in student loan profits for US government
  244. Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own
  245. Only four out of 10 Americans believe President Barack Obama can manage the federal
  246. US banks warn Fed interest cut could force them to charge depositors
  247. Angola bans Islam, destroys mosques.
  248. Obama not the only Pres with a do nothing congress
  249. Iran Nuclear Deal Reached
  250. Will Obamacare Be the Death of Liberalism?

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